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Kings Park Surgery, Glasgow

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About our practice

Awarded RCGP Quality Practice Award (QPA) for excellence in primary care.

The Practice Vision Statement

The practice is committed to developing the whole Primary Health Care Team to deliver a high quality and cost effective service to our patients. To help achieve this, the whole team will focus on the vision of the practice and uphold the following Mission Statement to have:

  1. A healthy aligned culture promoting team leadership with shared values.
  2. A culture which supports flexibility, loyalty, trust, empathy with human treatment taking precedence.
  3. Strength in consolidation and continuity, valuing information, knowledge, development and stability by having a strong commitment to personal and professional development, good information management and attention to practice procedures and protocols.
  4. Knowledge networking where we purposefully share our knowledge, structure our work to learn from each other, and strive to work more effectively together to get things done.
  5. A relaxed, peaceful and safe environment to work in.
  6. A safe and controlled platform to enjoy and fulfil the human and organisational needs of the internal and external organisations and the patients of the practice.
  7. An ethos to reinvest wisely and support innovation.